UpdatedFriday June 15, 2018 byTCGSA.

2018 Fall Ball TCGSA Rules

All codes and rules will follow the 2018 USA Softball Participant Manual Official Rules of Softball. Codes and Rules can be found at https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Softball



  1. 10/U Division- A players’ age as of December 31st of the preceding year.
  2. Nine Players on the Field- May start with 8.
  3. Base Distance 60 feet- Double Base to be used at 1st.
  4. Pitching Distance/ 35 feet.
  5. Game Time Limit- 1 hour. (No new inning may start after time limit is up, unless the game is tied.)
  6. Infield Fly Rule is in effect.
  7. Helmets with Chin straps and NOCSA approved Face Guards are required for Batters and Base Runners.
  8. Softball- 11 inch. .47 C.O.R., .375 compression
  9. Illegal pitch will be called.

Third Strike Rule: Is in effect, Batter may run, ball is live.

  • On a base on balls, batter/runner is allowed 1st base only.

  • Runners starting at first base are entitled to steal one (1) base only, per pitch, with liability to be put out.
  • A runner, attempting to advance beyond the one base they are entitled to steal, may be put out while between bases. A runner cannot be put out while in sole contact with a base.
  • After all play ceases, and the ball becomes dead, if the runner occupied a base beyond the one the runner is entitled to steal, the runner will be returned to the correct base without liability to be put out.
  • A runner may advance from third base, only by the following:
    1. Illegal Pitch
    2. Hit ball
    3. Forced Walk
    4. Dead ball

*exceptions(Local Rules) to these rules can be found below:

10U – 7 runs per inning