UpdatedWednesday April 24, 2019 byTCGSA.

2019 TCGSA Rules

All codes and rules will follow the 2019 USA Softball Participant Manual Official Rules of Softball. Codes and Rules can be found at https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Softball

*exceptions(Local Rules) to these rules can be found below:

6U Division – 6 runs per inning, Coach will pitch 2 pitches to the batter from the pitchers circle. If a foul is made on second pitch, then one more pitch from coach will be made. If ball is not put into play, then the batter will get two chances off the batting tee. If the ball is not put into play after the second attempt off the tee, then the batter’s coach will assist her in hitting the ball from the tee until it has been put into play. When the batter has been assisted by the coach, all base runners (including the batter) will be limited to advancing no more than one base.

A player can only play the pitching position 1 inning per game.


8U Division – 5 runs per inning, Player pitches up to 2 pitches, Coach pitches up to 3 pitches for 5 total pitches. The player either hits the ball or strikes out. The at bat cannot end on a foul ball.


10U Division – 5 runs per inning

12U Division – 7 runs per inning

14U Division – 7 runs per inning


Standings tiebreakers

  1. Head to head

  2. Point differential